In addition to providing you with our own vinyl and compact disc releases, Barn Cat Records presents our selection of mixsets and remixes. Sure to keep the club moving, these mixes are free for everyone to download courtesy of Brandon Rudy and Barn Cat Records.

UFO  (80:10 MP3 128 kbps 73.4 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Moon Roof  (78:14 MP3 128 kbps 71.6 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Open up your moon roof and let the music flow through you like the cool night air. This session demands a long, wandering drive in the dark, starlit night.
Time Flies  (63:45 MP3 128 kbps 58.3 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
As the clock slowly cycles through the hours of another wasted work day, you become restless and long for the dance floor. But once you reach your paradise, time plays its twisted games and disappears all too quickly.
Antithesis  (79:56 MP3 128 kbps 73.1 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Seemingly random clicks and beeps over flowing melodies entice the curiosity and suddenly remove you from reality. Your mind fluidly becomes enraptured with this entwinement of contrasting chaos. As the abstraction minimizes, you slip into sensory overload.
Paranoid Delusions  (74:12 MP3 128 kbps 67.9 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Sitting in the dark, I see visions
Shadows making me think of superstition
All the futures trials and tribulations
And the bias of a world's inhibitions.
Artificial Paradise  (69:25 MP3 128 kbps 63.5 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Let yourself relax and slip away to another dimension, another place, an artificial paradise. The smooth, ambient tech provides a setting removed from one's usual interpersonal games, where your senses may deceive you, but your mind makes it real.
Sleepless Nights  (79:30 MP3 128 kbps 72.7 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Pounding bass lines mingle with chords of deep, ringing through the darkness and luring you from sleep. Restless and without sight, you wander through the night in search of that hidden oasis. But before long, the sun will bring dawn, and all will be gone, for this is the land of the nocturnal.
Archetype  (71:28 MP3 128 kbps 65.4 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
         ar·che·type  (är'kĭ-tīp')  n.
1. An original model or type after which other similar things are patterned.
2. In Jungian psychology, an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic image that is derived from the past collective experience of humanity and is present in the unconscious of the individual.
Blue Rose  (76:54 MP3 128 kbps 70.4 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
The bluest of skies fulfilling your eyes
A love in your heart you cannot dispose
This music supplies emotional highs
That superimpose Brandon's Blue Rose.
The 8th Circuit  (79:23 MP3 128 kbps 72.6 Mb)
mixed by Brandon Rudy
Heating up the dance floor on a cold spring night was easy with this diverse mixture of tech and deep house which was mixed by Brandon Rudy during one of his private engagements.

Trashbat x Trench Money  (3:09 MP3 128 kbps 2.9 Mb)
remix by Brandon Rudy
Thug Operative  (5:06 MP3 160 kbps 5.9 Mb)
remix by Brandon Rudy
Callin' Out (Barn Cat Mix)  (4:27 MP3 192 kbps 6.1 Mb)
remix by Brandon Rudy
We switched it up with some funky beats and hard bass for a Lyrics Born remix and created this hiphop gem.
Fingerpaint (Medicated Mix)  (8:20 MP3 192 kbps 11.4 Mb)
remix by Brandon Rudy
Digital Witchcraft's Fingerpaint really didn't interest us, but we remixed it into something more pleasing. We hope you also enjoy Brandon Rudy's Medicated Mix.
City of Fiends  (2:19 MP3 192 kbps 3.2 Mb)
remix by Brandon Rudy
An online role-playing game company held a contest in which subscribers could remix in-game music. Since we don't have an account with the game, we were ineligible for competition. Nonetheless, we decided to download the music one night and created our own remix of an orchestral sample from the game.
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